Welcome to RunFit Coaching
RunFit Coaching provides personal training, running coaching and group training sessions in the Adelaide Southern Suburbs.
I provide individualised plans, personal training sessions,coaching, race plans and group training sessions specifically for runners and cyclists who want to improve strength and fitness.
I also work with children to improve their strength, power and agility to complement their chosen sport.
For details of current group sessions, see below information or like my facebook page 'RunFit Coaching' to be kept updated. Everyone welcome.
For individual sessions, please contact me via the website or you can call me on the below number.
About Me
My name is Hayley Teale and I love to run and cycle. Before my children were born (Katelyn 9 and Mitch 4) I used to keep fit by road cycling in the hills and hiking the moors around Lancashire and Yorkshire before emigrating to Australia over 6 years ago.
I am passionate about running and cycling which is why in recent years I decided to embark on a complete career change and opt out of Supply Chain Management and into the Fitness Industry so that I can live my dream.
I am a qualified Running Coach, Community Coach and Personal Trainer with an emphasis on running and cycling and I focus on how I can use my personal training skills to strengthen the runner and cyclist.
My recent accomplishments have been in endurance sports in both ultramarathon running and cycling. There is nothing I love more than being in the mountains, whether on foot or on my bike. I have completed 10 ultramarathons since July 2013 and I will be back in the mountains with my bike in 2016 for the 3 Peaks Cycling event, which was my highlight event in 2015.
If you think I can help you, then please get in touch or come along to my group sessions.
I found the below quote on a fellow runner's blog recently and it struck a chord with me:
'The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark' - John Muir.
Company Name: RunFit Coaching
Phone Number: 0450 879227
Facebook Page:

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Current Group Sessions:
Monday 5.30pm Outdoor Group PT - Angus Neil Reserve, Seacliffe -  $20.00 per session, equipment supplied, bring your energy and a towel/ drink
Tuesday 6am Hill Training - Trails
O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park, Davenport Terrace, Seaview Downs. Park along Davenport Terrace we will meet at the bus stop on the turning circle at the very top of Davenport Terrace.
These Tuesday hill sessions will consist of long gradual hills, short sharp hills, hill circuits and technical single tracks, all done on trails. We will work on building our strength and technique on the uphills and also on the downs. Each weekly session will focus on one or more of these ...areas. Everyone is welcome regardless of fitness or running ability. 'Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20' . The session cost is $10 and should 'run' for between 45mins to an hour. Hope to see you there :-)
Thursday 6am Speedwork
Bowker Oval, Bowker Street, Warradale
Our Thursday speedwork sessions will consists of interval training aimed at improving your running speed, fitness, lactate threshold and oxygen utilisation. We will have a group session covering various set intervals - these will change each week. Everyone welcome as you will be running at your own pace, pushing your own limits, with your own improvements. I love these sessions and hope you will too. Cost per session $10.00 lasting for 45mins to an hour.